Greek Summer, vol I: Ermioni



There are few places in the world I call ‘home’. But Ermioni is the most homely of all the homes. It’s the ultimate summer. Blue skies, crickets, lavender, basil pots, pine trees, glimmering sea, narrow paths, chapels and picturesque houses.

It’s everything you dream Greece to be and more. And it’s the place I’ve spent 22 summers, which is all of them. This small seaside village with the population of aprox. 3000 inhabitants is the home of all my sweetest childhood memories. After visiting for many years, my parents bought a country home here about a decade ago and it’s solidified our ties with the place ever since.

Ermioni is a small peninsula which gives off the impression of an island. At the tip, there’s a pine forest with a couple of hidden coves, perfect for a quick swim especially if you don’t have a vehicle.

Strolling along the Mandrakia coastline to get to the forest is still, after all these years, one of my favorite walks encountering ultra-picturesque tavernas with breathtaking views along the way.


The best lunch spot in town if you ask me. The restaurant is called Kavos and it’s my favorite choice for fresh fish and seafood any time of the day.


Along the way you will see many staircases leading to tiny swim spots so you’re spoiled for choice, especially for such a small place.


I couldn’t not stop and catch a whiff of the sprigs of lavender which were blossoming on the side of the main road.


Reminds you of the South of France a bit.

Right at the opening of the forest, there’s a small chapel which is highly favored among locals for swimming.


And bougainvilleas of course, which you’ll find oozing out of houses and gardens all over town.


And now into Bisti, the pine forest whose narrow paths will lead you and whitewashed steps will take you to little virgin beaches. I always skip the first one and head right to the second. As you walk down the stairs, lovely small beach reveals itself.


My little paradise.


(The crocs are not mine, I swear.)


On the way back, we found a bunch of freshly arrived yachts and boats. It could’ve been St. Tropez or Cannes, no?


We took a shower, got dressed up and headed out for an evening walk during twilight hour  in the balmy late July atmosphere.


Went uphill to catch a pretty view and we weren’t disappointed.


And then we came back down to the waterfront to gaze at the imposing palm trees which loomed over us, making the place seem almost exotic.


And so we went back into the village and made it over to the other side of the peninsula for dinner.


That was the end of our first day.

But there’s plenty more to come.

Stay tuned.



  1. Lifestyle-Tale by Esther · September 17, 2017

    Beautiful pictures.
    Looks like the perfect getaway.
    Have a great new week.

    Love, Esther


  2. Katya · September 23

    The photos are so beautiful! Love everything!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova


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